Our work is a non-standard and professional approach to each shooting and the client. Combining different styles and trends of modern photography and video we create a bright, expressive and unforgettable images.

We offer a wide range of services: photography, design, post-production of any complexity with full support of the client.

  • Shooting your culinary masterpieces (food style, still life, design).
  • Shooting interiors and exteriors.
  • Advertising shooting.
  • Reportage shooting (seminars, workshops, events, birthdays).
  • Portrait photography.
  • Portfolio for models.
  • Single-camera and multi-camera type of filming.
  • Shooting events of any scale.
  • "Mystery operators" in the environment of guests.
  • Development of scenarios, concepts, storylines, a full production cycle from shooting to the finished video clip.
  • Documentary and reportage (differential shooting).
  • Shooting live broadcast in social networks (full cycle).
  • Shooting for video blogs and social networks.

All you need is a desire and a smile.


We employ only certified professionals. Director, cameraman, screenwriter, editor and designer they all have extensive experience and good education.

  • Nikolay





    Object photography, food design, yacht photography.

  • Bogdan


    Events and portfolio photography.